Commercial Bathroom Remodeling

DID YOU KNOW that clean updated bathrooms are one of the most attractive features to any seller, lodger, renter or tenant? When multi-unit properties want beautiful bathroom renovations done right, they can certainly count on South Shore Dream Bath to do an amazing job.

Have you ever stayed at an old hotel with a disgusting outdated bathroom?  If you had known how disgusting the bathroom was before hand, would you still have booked that hotel? Didn’t think so! South shore dream bath can handle ANY and ALL of your bathroom remodeling needs( we love a challenge!), whether your property is a hotel, motel, nursing facilty apartment complex, dormitory or other multi-unit facility, let our professionals do the work for you.

We now offer competitive low commercial pricing which defers us from our competitors, while still providing you with our superior products and quality workmanship. We also offer High-efficiency plumbing fixtures that conserve gallons of water annually, without draining your wallet.( see video below)

Here at South Shore Dream Bath, we understand that as a business owner, the whole "remodeling" process can be quite aggravating. Our professional team will provide you with a hassle free experience, while handling ALL your remodeling needs in (usually) just one day!


  • Once you choose your desired new acrylic bathtub, tub surround,or shower liner, it is then custom manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility.
  • Our experienced craftsmen will install your new products quickly and efficiently in just ONE DAY!
  • Our energy efficient water fixtures can save you money.



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