About South Shore Dream Bath


South Shore Dream Bath was established as a partnership between Rich Inocencio and Stephen Ryan. Together, they have a combined 15 years in the bathroom improvement industry, and worked for many of their current competitors. 

Prior to focusing on solid surface bath remodels, Rich spent some time working in the bathroom reglazing industry.  He quickly discovered that, in no way does reglazing meet the quality standards South Shore Dream Bath demands. It may be low cost, but Rich looks at reglazing as more of a band aid solution with a short life span. He also adds, "OH! And did I mention the toxic fumes/smell left lingering around your house for days? Now I did!” 

“Our company doesn't want to hide your problem, we want to fix it!”

Understanding the complexities involved in the bath remodeling process, Rich and Stephen came up with an affordable, easy solution for people who want to improve the appearance of their bathrooms using solid surface materials. Not only do they guarantee ALL of their services, products, and labor, but total CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is their primary goal!

How South Shore Dream Bath Compares:

  • Most companies are franchises that are owned and operated by people with very little experience and knowledge of their selling products. Their ability to meet customer needs and solve problems is limited to the franchise’s system, translating into higher costs to you while causing hassles due to disorganization and misunderstandings. 
  • Most companies’ warranties are third party and/or limited to the products only. This causes countless problems when service is necessary. Then the” he said/she said” games begin and you the customer is left holding the bag.
  • Most companies will sacrifice their installation methods to increase their profits (including productivity), without the concern of undermining integrity of their products, leaving you the customer in a sticky situation.

As a result of the above problems, South Shore Dream Bath was created with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle your bathroom remodeling project. South Shore Dream Bath is a privately owned, licensed and insured full acrylic bathroom remodeling company located in Rockland Ma. Our mission is simply to deliver quality manufactured products and top notch installations at affordable pricing. We refuse to take shortcuts and we will work hard to satisfy all of our appreciated customers.

South Shore Dream Bath's installation methods were developed from many years of hard work, experience, and product knowledge - with over 2500 installed bathrooms. Our products are manufactured to meet our stringent specifications, by our manufacturing partners. This results in the highest quality products, professional grade installation, and best warranty in the business. Check out our Best Price guarantee!