Bathroom Remodel FAQ's

1.Why install a tub liner instead of removing my old tub?

Removing a bathtub is a difficult, disruptive, messy job. The process can damage the wall, the flooring, the plumbing and can put your bathroom out of use for days. A custom molded acrylic South Shore Dream Bath tub liner is installed right over an old tub in less than 1 day.

2.Will a liner make my tub look smaller?

Installing a South Shore Dream Bath liner into place is like fitting one paper cup into another.

3.Why shouldn’t I have my tub refinished?

Refinishing may look fine for awhile, but such finishes are fragile and tend to chip and craze within a year or two. You may want to ask someone who has used refinishing what they thought about the results.

4.How long will a South Shore Dream Bath tub last?

Acrylic has a life expectancy of 25-30 years. It is the same material used by leading manufacturers for their high-end whirlpool baths and spas.

5.How will you make a liner that fits my tub?

South Shore Dream Bath has an inventory of thousands of molds so we can make a liner that is an exact copy of your tub. We’ll simply take some measurements, and then order the proper liner for your tub.

6.Is a wall installed right over the tiles?

Yes! Our unique, three-piece walls are installed right over existing tiles – there’s no need to remove them. If necessary, we will repair any bad spots in your walls first to ensure a solid and secure base for the new wall. We don’t just cover up the problem!

7.Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty!

8.What is the life expectancy of an acrylic tub or shower unit?

Our products are durable and reliable. They have a life expectancy of 25-30 years.

9.I like the look of tile, but I hate cleaning grout. Do I have an option?

South Shore Dream Bath can install a beautiful tile-patterned wall that looks exactly like ceramic tile-except there is no grout to clean.

10.Is acrylic easy to clean?

There is nothing easier to clean! Acrylic features a highly polished, non-porous surface. Soil rinses right off. South Shore Dream Bath customers love their new easy-to-care-for acrylic units.

11.Can an acrylic liner be put in over a fiberglass tub?

Unfortunately they cannot, the integrity of the fiberglass material would not be strong enough to support an acrylic liner. However, we do offer free standing acrylic tubs of varying sizes that would fit inside the alcove.

12.Currently I have a tub only, no shower. There are only two walls, not three, and there is a window on the long wall above the tub. Can this be redone with your system to put in a shower?

Absolutely, our acrylic bath and shower systems allow us to adapt to any assortment of problems. The walls are custom formed and trimmed to allow unique flexibility within the alcove. We have many options and years of experience with these types of bathroom challenges.