Hand Held Shower Heads

Handheld shower heads offer versatility and convenience by attaching to a flexible hose, making it easy to reach everywhere, moving the water where you want it.

Our Handhelds provide a safe option for those who need to sit while in the shower. We offer the option of attaching them onto a adjustable bar for hands free showering. Handhelds are also a convenient way to clean your shower, you can get all those hard to reach corners easily.

A great feature of adjustable hand held shower heads is the ability to change spray settings. With the simple turn of the adjustment ring on the outside of the head, you control the water pattern. Some people like a forceful spray, others enjoy a softer rain like pattern, there’s even a therapeutic pulsing massage .

Pick the spray you want and settle in to enjoy your shower.

Handhelds offer Rain shower heads, Double shower heads or Triple shower heads. Available with or without shower slide bar.