We have a bathtub to fit your style

Bathtub liners are acrylic liners made to fit easily over your existing tub. The acrylic that it’s made out of (same acrylic they make football helmets out of) is easy to clean, durable, and very long lasting. Your old tub is simply covered with your choice of a new acrylic liner, ranging in assortments of colors and designs, making your outdated bathroom look clean and fresh again without having to replace your existing tub/shower. These acrylic liners provide years of use and no replacement and come with a promising lifetime warranty. They are a low cost way, and great addition to any bathroom!

Our bathliners are made of the thickest acrylic available and come in a multitude of styles and colors.

  • Low maintenance
  • Heat retention for longer baths
  • Very durable and will keep its shiny new finish for many years to come
  • Will not stain, chip, or crack

Before bathlinerAfter Bathtub liner