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Bathtub Liners
Our acrylic liners are made to fit easily over your existing tub, with no muss and no fuss. Clean...durable...long-lasting...this is what you get with our heavy-duty acrylic bathtub liners. They’re not only durable, though, they’re beautiful. If you’re looking to breathe new life into your existing bathroom, try a new liner: you won’t believe how amazing it will look!
Shower Liners
If your current shower stall is old, outdated, stained and ugly, it’s time to give your bathroom a much-needed makeover with a new shower liner from South Shore Dream Bath. Our modern acrylic shower liners make it easy to update your bathroom, with no need for the messy and time-consuming demolition process that comes with ripping out old tile or walls.
Bathtub & Shower Replacements
Dull, discolored, cracking or peeling fiberglass shower enclosures can bring down the whole look and function of your bathroom. South Shore Dream Bath has the perfect solution with our bathtub and shower replacement products. It’s easy: we simply remove the old worn-out fiberglass enclosure and replace it with a beautiful wall surround system and replacement bathtub or shower base.
Tub to Shower
Our safety showers for seniors are very popular and can be installed with minimal disruption. Converting your bathtub to a shower or step-through tub gives you a low-cost alternative to expensive bath remodeling projects. At the same time, you can enjoy easier access to the tub or shower area while helping to prevent injuries and falls.
Shower Enclosures
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Bathroom Safety
Bathroom safety is imperative, especially when you have kids or aging adults in the home. There are many products you can add to enhance the safety of your bathroom, such as walk-in tubs, seated showers, and barrier-free showers. South Shore Dream Bath has many bathroom safety solutions that increase your comfort, enjoyment and usability of the bathroom.
Bathroom Wall Surrounds
If you want a beautiful and maintenance-free bathroom, consider bathroom wall surrounds installed by our experienced professionals. With acrylic, you can mimic high-end, expensive materials such as granite, marble, travertine and more at a fraction of the cost. Choose from custom acrylic wall surrounds available in 100 combinations of colors, styles and patterns.
Small details truly make all the difference. Here at South Shore Dream Bath, we offer a complete line of stylish accessories that will complement your new Dream Bath system. Available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and finishes, it’s easier than ever to customize your bathroom to your personal preferences and budget.
If you own a business, turn to South Shore Dream Bath to enhance your bathrooms with value-added products and services. It’s a fact: clean, updated bathrooms are one of the most attractive features to any lodger, renter or tenant. South Shore Dream Bath can handle any of your bathroom remodeling needs. Upgrade and make a great impression!

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